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what is this?

i have a strong dislike for the modern web. i wasn't around that much for it but everythign i've seen about the old internet seems so amazing (other than the slow internet speeds and all that, we can leave that behind.) It's kinda sad that these days a lot of younger people aren't even aware of what they missed out on. that, is the old internet.

hope, for those who need it

however, after my time looking into it, i found that calling it the old internet now seems a bit redundant because it's still here. i have seen so many people recreate nostalgic experiences but also so many people who are just genuinely engaged with this stuff still. the thing is; the internet is so massive that it is nearly impossible for there to be LESS of indie web stuff; it's quite possible that we've just gotten much, much worse at finding stuff. thanks to our tech overlords who want us to be completely out of touch with technology. eitherway, this is an attempt to document things for my friends who AREN'T in on it and want to take a look around!



i think starting off by watching a video or two is probably a good idea to get an idea of what we're talking about here


that's what we're here for, right?